The network welcomes 2 new stakeholders which have recently accepted to be involved: Ljubljana Technology Park Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Innovation Center Nikolas Tesla (Croatia)

Technology Park Ljubljana started an initiative in 2014 in collaboration with MESI Medical, XLAB and Better (then Marand) to accelerate placement of digital innovations into the healthcare system of Slovenia and globally. After 4 years, the initiative reached its critical mass and began forming as a Digital Innovation Hub with clear goals & vision. Technology Park Ljubljana is non-for-profit organisation and consequently also is a non-for-profit initiative striving to support digital transformation in a healthcare sector. (

Innovation Center Nikolas Tasla – ICENT has its roots in the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) and is established with the aim of creating a third dimension – innovations based on scientific research. Partnership between ICENT and FER creates a powerful driver that activates the academic and research community for the benefit of the development of the Croatian economy and society. ICENT is joining with its CROBOHUB Digital Innovation Hub (