The DIH & DIGITAL HEALTH NETWORK (DDHN) aims at connecting the dots among Digital Innovation Hubs focused on digital health and digital health technologies

We believe that strengthening the relationships between organizations, such as technology providers and users of the healthcare system, is strategic to meet the current gaps on the health sector. Furthermore, this kind of cooperation among Digital Innovation Hubs is also promoted by the European Commission within the Digital Europe Programme to achieve added value services, as well as co-design tools and services to be offered at a transnational level.

Specifically, the enhancement of sustainable interregional collaborations between EU corridors has been possible through the selection of some partners interested in the EDIH Call, who wanted to cooperate together in specific areas of digital health (as we have already explained here). The cooperation mechanism has been started through the sharing of ideas and activities to be developed together, targeting specific topics selected among the areas of expertise of the partners involved.

Another cooperation mechanism that we are promoting is the involvement of the DDHN network in funding opportunities under the Horizon Europe Programme. Thanks to the partners and the stakeholders of the network, it is possible to address specific topics and find the right organizations inside and outside the network to involve.

We do believe that to address the future challenges of the health and digital sector, the capacity of putting in contact technologies providers and end users is crucial. This objective is in line with the HaDEA’s expected results to enable European society to become more healthy, resilient and fair and European industry to become more competitive.