There are many programs to support health initiatives both at European and National level. One of them is the HEALTHDAY.SI, which is a community of health and care stakeholders from Slovenia working towards an innovation friendly ecosystem.  

The HEHALTHDAY.SI aims at supporting startups in their development of health-related service or digital product and introduce them to the local network of leading health and care organizations. It also provides the startups with structured mentoring with members (scale-ups and healthcare/IT specialists) based on their needs.  

As the promotion of health and well-being on one side and digitization on the other side are becoming the leading topics globally, more and more businesses are being established. And due to the specifics of healthcare, these startups need specialized business support. 

Support measures for companies 

In Slovenia, the Slovene Enterprise Fund is the leading provider of startups incentives and support for companies with a potential for rapid growth and that develop innovative products, processes, and services with high added value for a broader market. Based on the work of our DIH HEALTH member Tehnološki park Ljubljana and the growing need to develop successful solutions to improve health and a healthy lifestyle, the Slovene Enterprise Fund identified the need on the market for specialized business support in healthcare ecosystem. 

After two successful startup acceleration generation (in 2019 and 2020), DIH joined forces with the Ljubljana University Incubator and designed the Health.Tech.Growth. business acceleration program for startups innovating in digital health. The program has been successful on the Slovene Enterprise Funds call for tenders.  

Since in previous years, the business acceleration program has been co-financed through activities on other active European projects, the grant is now enabling us even more intensive assistance and greater exposure of our health innovating companies.  

Collaboration with medical professionals 

A special section has been designed in the collaboration with doctors and health specialists, called Doctor.Mentor. This is the result of the main barrier health startups are usually facing, which is the critical opinion of most important stakeholders. Since medical professionals are usually difficult to meet, and it’s even harder to build with them trustful relationship for R&D collaboration, DIH plays an important role as the bridge between medical professionals and innovators. 

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