November 25, 2020

On November 25, 2020, NeroSuBianco participated, as a member of the Digital SME Alliance, in the Working Group “Digitalization” to deepen the role of Digital Innovation Hubs in the digital innovation processes of SMEs.

During the session, NeroSuBianco was invited to act as co-chair of the Working Group for the next two years, alongside the new coordinator Andrei Kelemen, CEO of the Cluj IT Cluster.

Among the many issues addressed, we highlight our speech dedicated to presenting the coordination work, started in September this year, between the European Digital Innovation Hubs that deal with technological innovation and digital health. Alongside this, NeroSuBianco has officially contacted Sintef AS, the coordinating company of the Cahnge2Twin project, for starting a new path to bring its customers closer to the Digital Twin theme.

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